We're proud to offer native support for return envelopes.  Today we’re launching with support for Standard #9 and a pre-printed return address (in the recipient section). We’ll have news in the coming months about windowed #9, postage pre-paid, etc., but as always, if you need it today, just reach out!

Pricing starts at $0.20/mailing, and as always, we provide great bulk discounts.

Getting started with Return Envelopes is super easy, simply populate the ReplyEnvelopeAddressId with the ReturnAddressId of the address to be included, and we take it from there.


Now we’ve gone and done it. A blog. We might have tried this a while back, trying to be hip and trendy, but we’re actually going to do it now. We’ll primarily use this to make various announcements about new API features, service notes, and provide helpful tips & tricks. We’ll keep this one short, but expect more to come very very soon!

-The entire try{paper} team